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  • Picture it now: it's your wedding day. You are surrounded by loving family and friends. There are butterflies in your stomach. The sun is in the sky, you remembered to wear your "something blue," and everything is perfect...right on down to the lush bouquet of flowers you hold in your excited hands. Your dreams have come true. Yours is a wedding that your friends will envy for years to come.

    At Robert Anthony Florist, we want to help you realize your wedding day dreams. We want to make you look and feel like the princess you always imagined yourself to be on your big day. Most of all, we want you to have the enviable, gorgeous wedding your friends will talk about for decades, til you're all old and gray. Click the green "Request a Consultation" button above to schedule your free floral consultation today.

    While you wait for your consultation, check out our PDF "10 Things Every Bride Needs to Remember on Her Big Day." There are some great tips in there about how you can make your wedding day special, memorable, and stress free.