Bridgewater Fragrance and Flowers!

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Bridgewater Fragrance and Flowers!
Bridgewater Fragrance and Flowers!
Bridgewater Fragrance and Flowers!

Product Details

Our exclusive Candle and Flowers combo is the perfect gift! Bridgewater is an all natural, soy based candle with tremendously fragrant properties.

Highly touted as one of the industry leaders in burn time as well as fragrance, they are a clean burning candle with an average burn time of 140-160 hrs. We build a floral bouquet into the top of the candle to coordinate with the color of the candle chosen.

As an added bonus, for every large Bridgewater candle purchased, an orphan in a third world country will receive food for a day. What a great gift!

Curious what they smell like? Sweet Grace (a lavender-grey candle) features warm feminine notes of sparkling tea, scrumptious passion fruit, and patchouli. Nantucket Coast (a sea-blue candle) combines refreshing masculine scents of melon, cucumber, mandarin, sage, and basil. Wind Down (a pure-white candle) harmonizes soothing mint, lavender, and chamomile for a serene fragrance. Wild Summit (a sage green candle) brings together notes of pine, berries, wildflowers, and musk to create a scent as invigorating as a mountainside walk. 

Delivery & Substitutions

Due to changing product availability, there may be times when we need to make minor substitutions to the flowers used in a chosen design. We will make every effort to make your arrangement as similar to the photo as possible. If any major substitutions to your chosen design are required, we will call or email you to discuss what options are available.

This item is not available online. Please call for purchasing options.

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