Delivery Policy

Pick Up Policy

At Robert Anthony Florist, there are no refunds issued on items not picked up.  We will keep your flowers in our cooler, however, if you do not pick them up on the day you have requested they are to be ready, no refund is issued.  If you order an item and call to cancel after your order has been made or product required has been ordered, no refunds will be issued.  Under no circumstance whatsoever will refunds be issued for corsages, boutonieeres, or bridal bouquets, be they delivered or picked up. 
Specifially as it relates to the Wholesale Flower Option, ordering and picking up:  if you have ordered from the Wholesale option, no refunds are issued once we have placed the order with the farm. This takes place generally 7-10 days prior to your expected pick up.  If you have chosen to not have your flowers processed, they will be given to you in the standard flower freighting boxes.  You are taking fully responsibility for proper care and handling and processing of the flowers.  We will not be held liable for the quality and lastability of the flowers once they leave our flower shop.
Our standard operating hours of business for pick up are M-F 10-6, Sat 10-3.  We do, at various holiday times close early or may close for extended times (IE: Labor Day Weekend).  We recommend you be sure to find and review our Google Listing page to verify hours, although we will do our best to inform you of a time that we may be closing early when you place your order should there be conflicts in time.
Delivery Policy

Delivery Rates and Hours of Service

Our delivery charge ranges from $10.99 to $14.99 for the Kissimmee and St. Cloud Area, and $14.99 to $24.99 for the Orlando area. Our trucks make deliveries T-F from 10:00am to 6pm, and Saturday from 10:30am to 4pm. We pay special attention to business and school addresses and will always strive to make deliveries during business hours (9-5), and school hours (9-3) as needed.  

If a request is made that a delivery be made before a specific time or after a specific time, an additional time service charge (see timed delivery rate additional charges below) will be added to the price of the delivered product (not including Valentine's/Mother's Day rates differ during these holiday weeks). 

Is there a Cut Off Time for Delivery Service?

Technically, no. We never like to say no to a delivery request.  Without getting into the specifics and boring you with the details of how a flower shop runs it's delivery system (think UPS style loading and routing of trucks, not pizza delivery) we do have limits as to what we can take and time constraints by which we can take deliveries.

In general, we begin encouraging customers to place their order for delivery the next day after about 2pm on any given weekday.  In other words, if you call after 2pm, we are happy to take your order for the same day delivery, but there will be a sliding scale premium charge based on how much time after 2pm you are placing your order.

SAME DAY THREE HOUR RUSH DELIVERY: Choose this option, and have your order delivered within 3 hours, after the start of business hours (9:00 AM, Tuesday through Friday, 10:00 AM Saturday), for same-day deliveries. The three hour rush window does not start until we are open for business. Example: you may place your order at 7:00 AM Monday and choose the three hour rush delivery option, but the three hour window still does not start until 9:00 AM that day, meaning your delivery will not be guaranteed to be delivered until 12:00 PM in this case. When you choose this rush delivery option, we will add $20.00 to your delivery fee.

By 11:00 AM (placed the day before delivery date no later than 4 PM): Add $15.00 to the delivery charge for the chosen region.

By 1:00 PM (placed the day before delivery date): Add $10.00 to the delivery charge for the chosen region.

By 3:00 PM (placed the day before delivery date): Add $5.00 to the delivery charge for the chosen region.

By 5:00 PM: Add $2.50 to the delivery charge for the chosen region. 

Bad Addresses 

If an invalid or bad address is provided, and a delivery attempt is made, once corrected an additional $10.99 re-delivery fee will be assessed against the method of payment for any re-delivery attempt. Otherwise, recipient can pick up their floral delivery at the shop to avoid any additional re-delivery fee.

"What if they are not home when you arrive?"

In the event a delivery is requested and a recipient is not at home, we make every effort to leave the product with a neighbor and tag the recipient’s door advising them of the location of the product. In many instances we are able to leave the flowers at a door or under a shaded area. If we are to choose this option for delivery, we will make a call to the recipient to advise them there are flowers at their door so they may pick them up as soon as possible. In some scenarios, we may be able to schedule a time for redelivery with the recipient that suits their needs. 

Recipient Refusal

The business we are in means there may be some emotional strife such as a break up, divorce or other such event triggering the purchase and the intended delivery of the flowers.  These situations can result in a recipient refusing a flower delivery.  In the event the recipient refuses the delivery, we are not held responsible for the end use of the flowers.  If it's a residence, we will either leave on the door step, give to a neighbor, or bring back to the shop.  If it is in a place of work, the flowers will be left at the location.  There is a no refund policy in such instances.

Gated Communities

Florida is home to many gated communities. At times, we are able to circumvent the guard house. However, it is in your best interest to provide us with an accurate phone number to contact the recipient prior to making the delivery so that we may gain access to the community. If no phone number is provided and we are unable to access the community on delivery, a $10.99 re-delivery fee will be assessed to the method of payment.

Pick-Up Orders

Should you place an order for pick-up through our website and you fail to pick up the item on the day and time requested for pick-up, you will not receive a refund for the item purchased and will be held financially responsible for the purchase. Customers will be held liable for their inability to pick up their order as specified. 

Holiday Week Delivery Policies

During major floral holidays, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day, our trucks are out on deliveries until 7pm. Due to the volume of deliveries we are not able to advise you of the status of a delivery when you call on the day of the holiday inquiring as to the delivered status of your product. We will have a full tally of the deliveries and their status by 4pm the day following the holiday, excluding weekends.


Should a customer provide us with a bad address, request a time for a delivery (such as by noon) and we find the recipient not at home or not at work, or are unable to deliver an item that was requested by the consumer, under such circumstances, under no terms what so ever will a refund be issued.  The customer or recipient may stop by the flower shop to pick up the item purchased and no refund will be issued for the delivery charges or the item if an attempt has been made to deliver an item as requested by the consumer.

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