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  • Delivery Policy

    Delivery Rates and Hours of Service

    Our standard delivery charge, affixed to every order in our immediate delivery range, is $10.99. Our trucks make deliveries M-F from 9:30am to 6pm, and Saturday from 10:30am to 4pm. We pay special attention to business and school addresses and will always strive to make deliveries during business hours (9-5), and school hours (9-3) as needed.

    If a request is made that a delivery be made by a special time or after a special time, an additional time service charge (see timed delivery rates below) will be added to the price of the delivered product (not including Valentine's/Mother's Day Week...delivery rates differ during these holiday weeks). If you order on our website and request this time in the special instructions, we will email you a new receipt with a new total once the additional rush/delay time fee is added.

    Delivery Rates (sympathy services are excluded from these delivery rates)

    By 2 PM: $13.99 (placed the day before delivery date);   $15.99 (order placed day of delivery, before 10 AM)

    By 1 PM: $14.99 (placed the day before);    $18.99 (order placed day of delivery, before 10 AM)

    By Noon: $15.99 (placed the day before);    $21.99 (order placed day of delivery, before 9:30 AM)

    By 11 AM (placed the day before): $18.99

    By 10 AM (placed the day before): $24.99

    Bad Addresses

    If an invalid or bad address is provided, and a delivery attempt is made, once corrected an additional $10.99 re-delivery fee will be assessed against the method of payment for any re-delivery attempt. Otherwise, recipient can pick up their floral delivery at the shop to avoid any additional re-delivery fee.

    "What if they are not home when you arrive?"

    In the event a delivery is requested and a recipient is not at home, we make every effort to leave the product with a neighbor and tag the recipient’s door advising them of the location of the product. In many instances we are able to leave the flowers at a door or under a shaded area. If we are to choose this option for delivery, we will make a call to the recipient to advise them there are flowers at their door so they may pick them up as soon as possible. In some scenarios, we may be able to schedule a time for redelivery with the recipient that suits their needs. 

    Gated Communities

    Florida is home to many gated communities. At times, we are able to circumvent the guard house. However, it is in your best interest to provide us with an accurate phone number to contact the recipient prior to making the delivery so that we may gain access to the community. If no phone number is provided and we are unable to access the community on delivery, a $10.99 re-delivery fee will be assessed to the method of payment.

    Holiday Week Delivery Policies

    During major floral holidays, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day, our trucks are out on deliveries until 7pm. If there is a time requested, the special time fees apply (see below). Due to the volume of deliveries we are not able to advise you of the status of a delivery when you call on the day of the holiday inquiring as to the delivered status of your product. We will have a full tally of the deliveries and their status by 4pm the day following the holiday, excluding weekends.

    If you wish to guarantee a time of delivery for your delivery, the below fees are available for you to review. These fees assume the order is placed at a minimum the day before delivery for any time of By 2pm or before. For by 3 or by 4 requests, order must be placed no later than 10:00 am on the same day of delivery for a time guarantee. Due to the fact that we cannot predict the volume of deliveries for any given holiday, there is no guarantee that if you wait until the day of delivery to request a special timed delivery that we will have the availability to do so, regardless of fee structure below. It's far better to order early to guarantee a spot in the delivery roster for the holiday.

    And while we hate to sound perhaps a bit persnickety...please understand that when a delivery is promised to be there by 4 pm, it may be 3:59 when it is delivered. In other words, if 3pm is too late, although they are there until 4, we recommend you pay for the by 3 time or any time you wish it to arrive before.

    Valentine's/Mother's Day Rush Time Delivery Fees (Applies to Feb 13th and 14th and Fri/Sat/Sun of Mother's Day Weekend)

    By 4 pm $15.99 (placed the day before); $17.99 (placed by 11am same day)

    By 3 pm $17.99 (placed the day before); $19.99 (placed by 10am same day)

    By 2 pm $20.99 (placed the day before); $34.99 (placed same day by 9am)* *[may not always be possible; case by case]

    By Noon $25.99 (placed the day before) (not possible same day)

    By 11am $35.99 (placed the day before) (not possible same day)

    By 10am $49.99 (placed the day before) (not possible same day)

    School Deliveries Delivered by 2pm $15.99 (placed the day before) (not possible same day)