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    Wholesale Blue Hydrangea
    Item No: whsle-blue-hyd
    Sold by individual stems with a minimum stem count. Requires minimum 10 day lead time to guarantee color choice. ********* We do offer the ability to purchase your flowers In boxes and not processed. This is the best price. If you do not understand processing flowers or do not have the facilities to process the flowers we recommend highly that you have our experienced staff process the flowers. Should you opt to not have us process your flowers, you are agreeing to take ownership of the processing. We will not be held responsible for processing and storage errors that destroy the flower integrity. Processing includes proper cutting, water treatment and storage of flowers prior to use. We do not offer processing counseling at time of pick up or following your purchase. **********
    10 Stems
    20 Stems
    30 Stems
    10 Stems Processed
    20 Stems Processed
    30 Stems Processed
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