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    Simple Romantic Lantern
    Item No: wed-267
    This table centerpiece is totally "on trend." A lantern will be positioned at its center, surrounded by a bed of greenery and texturally pleasing flowers in your chosen color palette. Lanterns can be rented or purchased from the shop, or can be supplied by the purchaser. Price for the lantern bouquet starts at $79.99 as shown if the lantern is provided by the customer, $99.99 as shown if lantern is rented, or $119.99 as shown if lantern and centerpiece are purchased. Lantern design will vary, but this will make the centerpieces for your event even more delightful and rustic in their appeal. **Please note: this item must be ordered at least 30 days prior to your event.**
    As Shown, Lantern Supplied by Customer
    Shown + Rented Lantern
    Shown + Buying Lantern
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