About Us
One thing I know.  If you wish for personal service, you have arrived at the right spot.  In the world of retail today, there are many large companies attempting to gain your business.  Even in the retail flower business, you have national companies willing to take your order from their offices in New York, California, and if you call on the right day, you can even speak to someone taking your order from India or Pakistan.  Not here.  In my company, you talk directly to us.  We are small enough to know many of our customers on a first name basis.  You will be remembered when you call us.  Furthermore, you can almost count on talking with the same group of people each and every time you call.  I can tell you one thing.  I know in my own life I have come to greatly appreciate a company who knows my style, my taste, and what my friends, and more importantly the woman I love, likes.  Here, that's how it is.  It's personal.  Just like I would want to be treated in any company I shop with. 

I care about what you like and so do the people I employ.  Fortunately, many of them are my own family so their values are my values; and we love our customers.   No, we can't please everyone all the time.  But we sure do aim high to keep as many people happy as we can.  As a consumer, if you value being treated with value, you will enjoy talking with us.


If you have an opportunity to call or visit us in person, you'll be welcomed warmly by someone who is genuinely interested in helping you brighten someones day, wish a person a speedy recovery or express thoughts of sympathy and love in an appropriate manner. If you're celebrating the birth of a beautiful new baby or beginning life together as a married couple, we'll help to make that occasion more memorable by adding the extra touches which express your unique personality. 

I am Robert Anthony, and I would love the opportunity to be your family florist.

Hours of Operation (We often answer the phones after posted hours)
M-F 9-5:30
Sat 10-2:00
Sun Closed
We will be closed July 1 thru July 4th to celebrate the Independence day weekend.
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