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    We are Robert Anthony Florist, and we sell Relationship Insurance.
    Ever single person that calls this business is looking for one thing. 
    You want to be the better friend, the better husband, the better boss, the better employee, better sister, brother, uncle, aunt, grandma, grandpa.  You name it.
    As people we send flowers because we care, sure.  But the truth is, we want the other person to know that we care more.
    Every purchase in this organization revolves around some kind of intense emotional situation.
    Weddings, Birthday, Sympathy, a New Baby, an Anniversary, or even something more serious.  A marital separation, the loss of a friendship, or worse.
    You look to us as the expert in helping to find resolution to these problems.
    Most don't know how to find a solution, and we are here as the guiding force behind helping get you on the right track.
    You have looked us up, looked up a florist (we prefer Relational Insurance Agency) with the hope we can provide a remedy to your emotional specific emotional event.
    Give us a call, let us help you find your fit, be your guide in mending, in celebrating, in promoting, in healing, in showing your concern to those you care most about.
    Let us help you look your best.  Let us help you to indeed be that better friend.
    Call us at 407-846-1816 or shop with us on line today!

    Hours of Operation (We often answer the phones after posted hours)
    M-F 8:30-5
    Sat 10-3
    Sun Closed
    (every so often, we will be closed for a period for travel.  Be sure to check our Google listing or our website main banner.  We usually post the times there.)