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  • Welcome to the Wishing Well Florist page Relationship Insurance Packages!  Flowers delivered locally on a weekly, montly, or quarterly basis for you.

    When you add it all together, most people, between their auto, home, life, and health insurance will spend $7000-10,000 per year to "cover" them, in the unlikely event a catastrophe sets in.  Insurance is a science of calculations that insurance carriers write premiums by.  Hence, as you age, your life insurance WILL increase in cost annually!  They have playing the odds down to a science.

    Yet, in relationships, I can guarantee you that within a week, at most a month, of reading this, you WILL have some kind of incident requiring some kind of damage control.  However, purchasing flowers after there has been a fight is akin to attempting to purchase home owners insurance after your house burns down. 

    Granted, often, the flowers are well received and help soothe things over. 

    But the man (or woman) who understands the value of sending flowers BEFORE there is trouble, I believe, has a happier, more fulfilling relationship.  When the times do inevitably come and the skies get stormy, there is likely to be a more forgiving heart on the other side of the relationship.  Why?  Because the person who sends flowers for no other reason than to show they care is the type of person that makes their 1/2 of the relationship wonderful.  They don't send because they want out of something, want something, or from a selfish heart.  They send because they care about people and want to show their love, as a proactive measure, not a reactive measure.

    We offer a variety of options for this.  We have some customers who send something once monthly, we even have a few who send something weekly.

    Simply decide on the level of insurance coverage you desire, and we will take care of the rest.  We just simply need your information, the recipient information, and which insurance package you desire and we will do everything else for you.

    Call us today at 407-846-1816 to talk about your options.  Once you set them up, you won't have to think about it again, we will do the rest.  "You're in good hands."  *The premium options listed below are for delivery in our immediate service areas.  Further distance deliveries will have a higher delivery cost as well as item price.  This offer does not include items which must be sent to another shop to fulfill.  (out of town deliveries)

    Frequency Description Monthly Premium
    Weekly We will send a beautiful assortment of flowers, either wrapped or in a vase, our choice, every week, ensuring each week is different than before.  You set the day, we take care of the rest.  Premium option prices are determined by the size of the bouquet you wish to send.  You can also vary the size bouquet, for example, 1st delivery of the month, larger, the rest smaller, etc. $112.99-$245.99 tax
    Monthly Same as above, only this is done monthly.  You determine the day of the month, we will handle the rest.  Must be the same day each month, example, 1st Tuesday of every month.  Again, size of bouquet will determine your overall premium.  $36.00-$100.00 tax
    Quarterly This option is a good one to cover you for a birthday, a wedding anniversary and two other special days throughout your year.  Items delivered do not have to be per quarter (in the event, for example, their birthday and the wedding anniversary are only 69 days apart)  The premium price on this is listed as a Quarterly Premium.  The price listed to the right is for your quarterly premium. $50.00-$100.00 tax